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Success Stories

    When I was 20, I was diagnosed with (at the time) a little known autoimmune disease called Sjögrens Syndrome. It’s biggest effect on me was the toll it took on my teeth. My dentist at the time tried to keep up with the constant cavities and tried to find ways to help me combat the problem, to no avail. Soon after I met Dr. Fabey, we started to explore the possibility of dental implants, because try as he did, my teeth were rapidly decaying despite best attempts to save them.  After a lot of discussion, I realized I had to do it. I was, admittedly, scared. But Dr. Fabey made the process bearable. His compassion, his willingness to see me on a moment’s notice as issues came up during the healing process, and his perfection in creating and fitting my implants is something I will never forget. He is so knowledgeable and good at what he does. And he was my biggest cheerleader when I felt down. Many times, it’s a trade off where a doctor or dentist is either very good at what they do, or have incredible empathy and compassion for their patient. In the case of Dr. Fabey, he has both, which is a rare find. 

    Today, 12 years later, I am no longer embarrassed about my smile. I’m no longer afraid to bite into something for fear a crown or filling will fall out. I now have no fear of how many cavities they will find on my six month cleanings. My implants are solid. And it’s all thanks to Dr. Fabey. 

    If you are faced with a decision to get implants, don’t hesitate. Look no further than Dr. Fabey. He is the best of the best. 


    I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's Syndrome. One of the problems with this disease, is not having normal amounts of saliva and having severe dry mouth. Because of this I lost all my teeth. My gums became very shrunken. The dentures to replace them quickly became a problem and were very painful and sore.

    I knew just replacing the dentures wouldn't solve the problem. In the meantime I constantly developed sores under the dentures. I got to the point that there were very few normal foods that I could chew without pain. As a result, the protein levels in my body dropped and I became anemic.

    I found an advertisement about Dr. Fabey and made an appointment to see what if anything could be done. He was able to come up with a plan but I was very much afraid because of the Sjogren's Syndrome. He was quick to reassure me and was able to review previous situations with other patients with Sjogren's. He came across as being very genuine, caring and gentle. Without his caring and constant reassurance I don't think I would have continued with the necessary process that has now enabled me to chew all foods again!

    Dr. Fabey's genuine, caring attitude enabled me to truly trust him and this carried me through a difficult time to being able to chew again--just like everyone else! I'd recommend him to anyone, anytime. He is absolutely the best! 



    Before I came to see Dr. Fabey, I was in a great deal of pain. 95% of my teeth had root canals from previous dentists. Not knowing how to relieve my pain, previous dentists started to redo the root canals on my teeth.

    I started going to Dr. Fabey, often in tears. I could not distinguish where the pain was coming from; my entire head would throb. My jaw would click, every time I opened it. With a great deal of patience and compassion and expert knowledge, Dr. Fabey started realigning my bite and slowly relieving my pain.

    Dr. Fabey walked me through a long and very complicated process of dental implants to help restore my bite to proper health. He also replaced caps and a very bad set of dental veneers. Dr. Fabey was always there for me, often going above and beyond what anyone would expect from a dental experience.

    I am now smiling wide, with a beautiful set of teeth and am now pain free! I am grateful to Dr. Fabey, and his team, for their compassion and professional, expert knowledge.

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